Radiant Blossom

Radiant Blossom 2560 1707 admin

Radiant Blossom “Radiant Blossom” is a popular design on Thingiverse for good reason. It is relatively easy to print and seems to push the limits of what is possible without using supports. The design requires…

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Lamp V

Lamp V 2560 1707 admin

Lamp V “Lamp V” is the second in our series of lights & candle holders. This design is a tough one, it must be printed larger than the original design to befunctional. the prongs at…

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Shy-Light 2560 1707 admin

Shy-Light “Shy-Light” By Virtox is the first in our series of lights & candle holders. The design is both provocative and appealing. Its difficulty level is relatively low for the uniqueness and visual appeal of…

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